Saturday, March 03, 2012

You do it

People who have read my blog over that past seven years will know that I am an adovocate of school reform, including diminishing the strength of teacher unions. But lately, I find myself getting a bit defensive about my profession.
Here in Connecticut, Gov. Malloy has joined in the new national anthem, "Oh, Teach' its your fault." This state has given former Hartford Superintendent Dr. Steven Adamowski unprecedented control over a failing school system without providing the taxpayers any transparency to how he is spending their money or their time. Dr. Adamowski is best know for "turning around" Hartford schools, despite their continued poor performance in relationship to the rest of the state. Dr. Adamowski and the rest of today's reformy types want to get rid of teachers when their students don't perform. Yet, Dr. Adamowski turned his failure in Hartford into a $225,000 a year position with seemingly no oversight.
So to all of the education reformers who sit in an office and have no, or very little, experience in a classroom of the 21st century, I say "you do it."
No, really. I dare you to spend a week, a month, a quarter in this state's most failing schools. I beg that you try to do what you are demanding of us to do, with the pay that we get. Come on. Put your rhetoric where your mouth is, Gov. Malloy.


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