Friday, January 14, 2005


I know in advance that what I am going to say will be disagreed with by many within the profession. It is currently, and really never has been, a popular opinion inside the union dominated world of Education.
Why don't we have more competition for students between schools. In the past, school districst were set-up around the communities they were born in. Towns were smaller, bringing with that a sense of community and care for those schools. Now, in districts like Northshore and even Everett, multiple towns and cities feed a district. This concerns me; because with a larger district, and distinct towns feeding it, often times the central office becomes much more bueracratic, losing perspective on the individual needs of a school. Here at Cascade, despite being in the same city as Everett High, and the same district as Jackson High, our needs are much different. Why then are we given the same edicts and not allowed to compete with those other schools for students.
If we were in direct competetion with our surrounding schools for the students, and subsequently the money that should follow them, wouldn't we be more apt to improve every area of our school community? With the threat of our students, and our money leaving to the competetion, I wonder if that would make us take a serious look the way we operate our schools in a changing educational world. Whether we agree with NCLB or despise it, we must accept its reality. Maybe it is high time that the world of Education challenges the archaic way we operate.


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First off I think that I understand the overall idea of what you are saying, but when you say that schools should "compete for their students" what do you mean? Do mean in a college like way where schools seem to compare and decide if they want this student or that student? Or are you simply saying that we should only have one school per 'town'? If we do that wont that make it easier for students to hide behind the large number of students and beat the overall purpose of helping our students? Finally how do you purpose that we make these large towns and cities like the smaller towns with a sense of community?


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