Monday, June 13, 2005

Good Bye

My seniors posted their farewell letters to our school and there is hiding in my shared joy for them a bit of sadness. Despite teaching all of last year, because it was out of subject area, I consider this my first year. This group was my maiden voyage upon what at times was a choppy ocean. I am sad to see them go. And even though at times I wracked my brain with ideas on how to motivate students who were culmintating their pre-college schooling, I genuinely will miss having them around.

I've tried to be honest with them. I've produced some great assignments. I've failed at more than one lesson plan. But in the end, I hope they learned from me--as I know I've learned much from them.

So to my graduating seniors, good bye. Represent our school well, your family honorably, and yourself honestly.


At 9:38 PM , Blogger EdWonk said...

If it's any comfort, students have an innate appreciation for honesty. You'll see, when your former students recognize you as you go about the town.

At 8:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has been fascinating to me over the past nine years, is that each class really does hold a special place in memory, and you will, I think, have that piece of sadness every time a class graduates. We spend four years with them... we miss them when they go. That's a good thing.


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