Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Post on Posts

I have watched the counter at the bottom of my blog continue to grow quickly as a result of the Washington Post's article on educational bloggers mentioned me and this blog. I have been uncertain whether I should respond in any way to the article.
Here's the quick of it. My blog was mentioned because a year ago I wrote about student attire at our prom. And while the Post did not villify me like some local news stations, I wish the article had considered all of the other content that I write on. I believe I am much more than that one post a year ago.
I would rather have been noted for this post, this post (which, thanks to google, is read often), or this post.
But, I thank the Washington Post for their judicious and balanced remarks regarding the post they reference, and for even considering what I have to say as important enough--or controversial enough--to mention in their prestigious pages.


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