Saturday, September 23, 2006

Whaddya wanna bet?

THis is the second installment of "Whaddya wanna bet?" You can visit the first one here.

Whaddya wanna bet...

That Ms. Spellings is not happy about this article, and that this article didn't help matters.
That traditional teacher, Dennis Fermoyle, won't be receiving any honors from the progressives.
That when a suspsended teacher has a fundraiser put on by the Union, it will create a bit of controversy.
That I am confused by the introduction of this article insinuating that Asian students are not a minority group despite this report that says something much different.
That this article drove up the number of hits for First Year Teacher, The Science Goddess, Ms. Cooper, Mr. Tomas, Mr. Bullock, NYC Educator, Mr. Lotti, Mr. Fermoyle, Ms. Frizzle, Ms. Cornelius, Joanne Jacobs, Mr. Babylon, Eponymous Educator, and The Education Wonk.
That makes me jealous!
That the first three weeks of school go by much quicker than the last three weeks of school.
That high school dances will be stopped if students keep "dancing" the way they do.
That despite having a dress code, student won't ever follow it.
That what was scandalous ten years ago is prudish today.
That there is not much better than high school football under the lights on a Friday night.
That when basketball season starts, I'll revise that statement.
That nothing makes a teacher happier than when a substitute reports that your students were great and she'd love to come back.
That my autumn will be miserable without Red Sox Baseball.
That my autmun will only get worse as my Fantasy Football team continues to lose.
That there will be students who surprise you with their growth this year.
That there will be students who surprise you with their stumbling this year.
That if a school creates policy in a reactionary mode, the policy will likey fail.
That students would enjoy a university like schedule.
That so would I.
That the Daily Grind author gets out of his blogging funk and writes something worthwhile between now and the next installment of "Whaddya wanna bet?"


At 2:21 PM , Blogger EHT said...

Don't be jealous, dear. There's no need. You do fine here. We all have our voice and need to continue to use it. These types of things do bring a few more hits, however, it brings a degree of frustration too.

At 8:15 PM , Blogger KDeRosa said...

Asians are not "minorities" because they perform at least as well as whites.

At 12:53 PM , Blogger r said...

I like these "waddaya wanna bet?" posts.

Although, I can personally think of a hundred or more things better than Friday night football.

Like Friday night Cocktails. :)

At 4:40 PM , Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

I liked that. And the uptick was temporary. It's one's REAL friends like you that matter-- not the Looky Lous.

And I'm fascinated by the idea that performance is the determining factor for minority status. And here I thought it was numbers. Does that make Caucasians minorities to Asians, since they actually outperform Caucasians?

At 5:01 PM , Blogger KDeRosa said...

Your first mistake was believing that racial politics makes logical sense.

Think "traditionally underperforming minority" when you think minority to determine who is and who isn't a minority. It makes things easier.

Then if you want to confirm the hypothesis, go ask a northeast asian or a jew how much they've gained by their minority status.

At 5:30 PM , Blogger eponymous educator said...

Well, I didn't even know about the USA Today story until a week after it ran. They got my story mostly wrong, and I saw little to no increase in traffic. Guess it helps to be on the top of the list. Next time you can have my spot. :)

Peace brotha


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