Monday, January 22, 2007

The Tempest

After twelve years of plotting revenge on his enemies, Prospero comes to realize that to be truly human means to be truly compassionate. He states in Act V, "Though with their high wrongs I am struck to the quick,/Yet with my nobler reason 'gainst my fury/Do I take part: the rarer action is/In virtue than in vengeance..."
Maybe my students will always hate Shakespeare while they are in high school--I know I did. Maybe they will come to recognize the insight into human nature that he offers--I know I did.
Maybe they will never gain the appreciation for his craft; but whichever is true, I know I will always love teaching his plays.
And with that said, I will now move into my own tempest of teaching grammar to seniors in high school.


At 10:52 PM , Blogger HappyChyck said...

LOL! Well said!


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