Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What are they thinking?

I will admit that I want to get into the minds of my students to watch the mental processing that happens. Let me offer a few examples.

What was he thinking when...
he got his haircut so that it wisps in front of his face, just like his girlfriend's?
he bought a pair of girl's jeans and slipped his legs into the small, far too tight pant legs?
he hollered, "Hey Yao Ming," while the player from his team shot free-throws?
he read over the announcements that a scholarship for "left handed, lesbian, nazi, hookers" was available in the counselors' office?
he picked up a small branch and chased his friend around the shrub, screaming, "I'll get you, my precious?"

What was she thinking when...
she put on a pair of 4-inch heels without knowing how to walk in them?
she pointed out that the kid next her "smelled foul?"
she got home and had to jack-hammer the foundation from her face?
she chased after the other girl while dragging in tow a confused faculty member who had tried to intervene?
she told a teacher, after Parent Night, that her mom found him attractive, and if he was interested?


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