Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spelling Bee on ESPN

Instead of airing a baseball game or NBA basketball, the World Wide Leader in Sports aired the National Spelling Bee. It was much better than American Idol.

Here are the 18 words from the Championship Round.

1. Dasyphyllous--spelled correctly
2. Clinamen--spelled correctly
3. Icteritious--spelled incorrectly: leaves two spellers.
4. Machirotage--spelled correctly
5. Recrementitious--spelled correctly
6. Esquisse--spelled correctly
7. Psittacism--spelled correctly
8. Maieutic--spelled correctly
9. Aubade--spelled correctly
10. Polesis--spelled correctly
11. Kanone--spelled correctly
12. Tutoyer--spelled correctly
13. Izzat--spelled correctly
14. Koine--spelled correctly
15. Tmesis--spelled correctly
16. Wectschmerz--spelled incorrectly.

This left one speller to spell two words correctly for the championship.

17. Kundalini--spelled correctly
18. Ursprache--spelled correctly

The winner: eighth grader, Katherine Close.

I can't wait to read this list to my Pre-College English class, just to make fun of them--and me too, I only got three of the final 18 words right!


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