Sunday, May 13, 2007

Whaddya Wanna Bet? (Mother's Day Edition)

The Whaddya Wanna Bet posts are some of my favorite times to blog. And because my mother is one of my favorite people, I'd like to honor her with the first ever Mother's Day WWB?.
So, mom, Whadya Wanna Bet...

That the time you tried to spank me when I was eleven, and I couldn't stop from laughing, remains one of my greatest memories?
That had they made a baseball card with you on it, I would have put it in a hardcover case to protect it?
That had you not always put your children first, we wouldn't have become the successes we are?
That I am blessed to have a wife with many of your characteristics?
That for all of the times I wished to get out of the house and go to college far away from home, returning home will bring my journey full-circle?
That my return is far closer than it ever has been?
That your "hairy eye ball" look deserves to be enshrined in th Mother's Hall of Fame?
That for everytime I hear the word 'awesome' I think of you?
That your fascination with The Lord of the Rings always seemed strange, but it turned out you were well ahead of the curve on its popularity?
That your heart and compassion for people is an admirable characteristic?
That your inability to say "no" to people annoys me?
That I often can't say "no" to people either?
That you taught me how to respect others and hold my head up high?
That Tate will be blessed to have you around as she grows up?
That for all of the times you embarrassed me by simply being a mom, I propably have still embarrassed you, simply by being ME, more times?
That I am thankful you always let me be me?
That had you been a helicpoter parent like many today, I would have become an even more selfish individual than I already am?
That the values you instilled in me have made me a successful human being?
That secretly I share your fear of heights?
That secretly I tear up easily like you?
That I couldn't be happier to have a mother like you?


At 3:39 PM , Blogger Mister Teacher said...

My mother is a super huge fan of the Lord of the Rings as well!! Which is pretty darn cool!

Nice post!


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