Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Funk

During the first five years of my teaching career, I have enjoyed the daily grind of teaching in the classroom. Everything from unit planning to classroom management has captured my attention. For someone who tends towards the big picture, I have been more detailed oriented in the classroom than in any other part of my life. When the inevitable slumps happened, I recovered quickly and enthusiastically. Never did I come off a break or day off saying I don't want to teach today.
This morning I said it. Last Thursday morning following a teacher in-service day, I said it.
By nature I am restless. I like to move from one adventure to another which makes me somewhat nervous about this current funk. Perhaps I've sailed into the doldrums of my career. At times this year has been more chaotic than ever, with the halls rumbling rough with violence and anger. There have been moments where I've sailed quickly towards a professional goal only to stall out into listlessness.
There is a part of me that feels ready to move on to the next challenge--administration. But the timing doesn't seem right. I live in Connecticut, but have yet to sell the house in Seattle. I have a two and a half year old, and we would like another. Now doesn't seem to be the time to add into that equation a series of classes full of stimulating and complex ideas.
The five classes that I teach are the most challenging behavioral studies yet. Additionally, I am set to receive the new Corrective Reading curriculum, but the district isn't set to give it to me yet. When will this happen? No one at the building level seems to know.
So, this afternoon sitting at Starbucks, waiting for my wife to finish her staff meeting, Mr. McNamar of the Daily Grind is in the teaching doldrums. And yes, I did just refer to myself in the third person, which will make an anonymous commenter from a previous post even more sure that I am self-centered.


At 1:34 PM , Blogger Ms. V. said...

Ah.......It must be "talk in third person day" ...Ms. V is also in the doldrums.

There are some things that these teachers have no control of...

I've been at it since 1981, and I think you're a great teacher, from what I've read. Maybe you'll pull out of it.

Until then, carry on...

At 6:02 PM , Blogger Coach Brown said...

We all get there. Hang in there and see what happens. Often the most unexpected things bring you out of it.


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