Saturday, March 07, 2009

What Word? Next Word.What Word?

The Corrective Reading program has been in effect since the start of February. Between the rotating schedule that only allows for four days of instruction, the implementation stage, a week of vacation, a snow day or two, and the start of the Testing Season, we've completed eleven or twelve lessons. I've estimated that I say the title of this post nearly 150 times or more a day, which has resulted in a slight stuttering problem when I try to have a normal conversation. I might have developed tennis elbow from using the signaler, but that could also be from heaving up 150 bricks while playing basketball on Thursday.
I still have students fighting me each class period, but in large part, the students have conformed while in class.
My one month report on the Corrective Reading is positive. I administered the Scholastic Reading Inventory (Lexile score) this past week and their progress continues on an upward trend, mirroring the same growth they were experiencing prior to Corrective Reading. So the program hasn't hurt and continues to help.
A colleague relayed a positive story from a student we share. The student, who is often negative about the program, was telling the teacher about the Corrective Reading class. "I hate the class, Miss. It treats us like were stupid. But I'm recognizing more words and reading faster, so I guess that's good," she explained.
And at the very least, the program is giving the students more confidence. I can't say it helped much for the state exam--both of my sophomores were unable to read the 7 page short story and finish the four 1-page essays in the allotted 70 minutes.


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