Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pioneer Women

After my daughter was born, I spent a great deal of time reading about fatherhood in general and fathering a daughter. What the experts taught me was the important role a father has in shaping the self-esteem and world outlook of his baby girl. One book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, by Meg Meeker, taught me the importance of raising a pioneer woman and not a princess.
A princess believes the world revolves around her, that others exist to carry out her demands, and thus needs constant affirmation and attention. A pioneer woman believes the world exists for her to create in, and thus develops an independent mind and healthy confidence. I refuse to allow toddler Tate to become a princess.
A recent op-ed piece by former UConn great Rebecca Lobo, reminded me of my goal for fathering Tate. Lobo examines the importance of the UConn Womens' basketball program in defining the world for this generation of pioneer women.
Lobo finishes the piece, "During the NCAA tournament, Siobhan walked into the living room while my husband was watching the UConn men play. 'Are those boys?' she asked. 'Yes,' he said. Siobhan said: 'I didn't know boys played basketball too.'"


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