Monday, April 20, 2009

Twenty Questions for Teachers
The meme has been around a while, so I'm going to stab at it.
1. Teaching assignments, how long? I'm in my 5th contracted year but sixth overall (1 year long term sub). I've taught 12th Grade Pre-College English; 9th grade English; Read 180--9th/10th grade; 11th grade Special Education English; 9th/10th Special Education study skills; 10th grade English; currently teaching Corrective Reading--the Direct Instruction scripted program.
2. Favorite Class Taught and Why? Pre-College English. I'll even give the period: 6th.
3. Worst Class Taught and Why? 12th grade, non-college bound senior English--absolutely pointless.
4. Favorite Class Taken? I've got a few: Structure of English with Ms. Julia Young; Faith in Literature with Ms. Debbie Pope; Mainstreaming and Exepionality with Dr. Paul Kress

5. Favorite Education Book? Influencer, which is not so much about education, but certainly effective in the classroom.
6. Best Teacher Buddy? hmmmm.....ever?: Stence; D-Rob; Cory Ray. Currently? I'm a loner. Don't have one so I keep texting The Posse.
7. Best Administrator? This is a public blog--you do the math.
8. Most Disappointing Experience? Being forced to teach reading this year because I am the low man on the pole.
9. Most Thrilling Moment? Watching my student-teaching class graduate. I was lucky enough to student-teach the class of '06 as freshmen and again as a "real" teacher during their senior year.
10. Funniest Incident in Your Classroom? Watching a certain cheerleader try to catch a book I tossed to her--it left a mark.
11. Most memorable student? There are two: JK who I remember every time I want to give up; and BK who I believe in more than any other student.

12. What about unions? A great and regrettably necessary evil. If their weren't incompetent administrators, teacher unions would be obsolete. I'd like to see them go that route and reemerge looking like the NFL's player union.

13. What about charter schools? A solution in urban districts. I am fully enjoying being a part of the process of Inwood Academy for Leadership in New York.
14. What about merit pay? Bring it on.
15. What does "21st century learning" mean? It should mean the combination of learning content and applicable skill. YOU know, what education is really about.
16. What makes a teacher "effective?" The ability to impart knowledge while simultaneously imparting the skills to process the meaning of that knowledge on one's own.

17. Most overrated "reform?" CALI

18. Best professional development? Yet to experience one.

19. Personal education hero? Jesus. The man taught theology by telling stories which we still tell today. Yep, that's effective.
20. Priorities, if you could spend $5 billion on education? (1) Hiring the right people. (2) Books


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