Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer Summit

Everyone knows about the Beer Summit President Obama presided over tonight. He's trying desperately to show the nation that he didn't act stupidly by making ignorant comments about the Professor Gates arrest. But, let's be honest; how many of our principals or superintendants have made similar statements as Barack Obama did when he led with "I don't know all of the facts...." Never mine. All of my prinicpals and superintendants have spoken carefully and judiciously.
But the Beer Summit got me thinking. We need more such gatherings. Some dad is angry that you took his daughter's cell phone--call a Beer Summit. Your administrator thinks your lesson plan was pathetic--call a Beer Summit. The local AFT leadership hates your guts because you believe they are an embarrassment to the profession--call a Beer Summit.
The way I look at it, the toughest challenge is choosing the beer. My buddy Stence would certainly go with Miller "Boggs" Lite. It goes down quick but a respected flavor. My buddy D-Rob would go with Sgt. Crowley's choice of Blue Moon; it might require fruit, but a phenomenal beer. The rising star buddy, Cory Ray, would go with Malibu and Coke--not a beer but don't judge. Mr. McNamar? I'm going with Red Hood ESB. It happens to be the first beer I ever drank, but more than that, it is well-crafted and full of delicious hops.


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At 1:34 PM , Anonymous Piano Lessons by QM said...

Good post! And I agree ... we all should use beer summits to resolve problems. It just might work!!


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