Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Presence of Greatness

Those of you who have read my blog frequently, or infrequently for that matter, know I have a confidence problem--meaning I have more confidence than any one man should be allowed to have. Today I will admit to a chink in my armor of confidence.
I took a rather odd path to the teaching profession. As a result of not initially pursuing a teaching career, I don't hold a Bachelor's or a Master's in either education or English. Yet, because of two great professors during my collegiate career, I have great confidence in both my literary knowledge and ability to identify excellent writing. And as a result of at least one terrific Education professor, I possess even greater confidence in my ability to communicate my knowledge with a student. However, in great honesty I ought to admit that I am also self-conscious especially about my lack of an English degree (a mere 36 credits is all I have).
This afternoon I met a teacher from one of the prestigious private high schools one of our summer scholars will be attending. Though we spoke only briefly, I could feel my own inferiority. He didn't demean me, or even treat me as less, but I knew. I've often wondered what the average boarding school teacher sounds like. If he was the average, I couldn't even come close to being allowed on their campus.
So, there it is, the chink in Mr. McNamar's confidence. Tomorrow, I will write about my totally awesome lesson plan and that one kid that told me I am great teacher--all just to feel better about myself.


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