Saturday, January 01, 2011

Prisoner of War

William Livengood II, a former Sergeant in the Army during World War II, is suffering a great indignation at the hands of Connecticut's Veteran's Affairs. During combat in WWII, my grandfather was captured by the Germans and imprisoned in Stalag 11-B. Late in his life, he began to retell stories of his experiences, which were often punctuated with "his gut, our will" in describing General Patton's bravado.
Today, William Livengood, at 92, suffers from Dimentia and resides in a run-of-the-mill nursing home. Now, I am biased, clearly. However, this facility does not honor the service my grandfather gave to this country. The travesty is that the Connecticut's Department of Veterans Affairs in Rocky Hill has denied this hero a bed in their facility.
There is no good reason, none, why a former prisoner of war should be denied services in the very place designed to honor and care for veterans.


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