Saturday, January 22, 2011

We Are Dumb.

I've just finished reading Sophia Chua-Rubenfield's NY Post response to the criticism leveled against her mother's (Amy Chua), recent memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. After reading the response, I ventured down into that scary world of reader comments--this is how I know our world really is dumb.

One reader responded:
"Be open minded. If you think your way of parenting is good, that's great, do your way. If Tiger Mother thinks her way better and her daughters are OK with that, it should be alright, too. We really don't need to teach others how to be a good parent. It is just as simple as it is."

A follow up reader responded to the above quote:
"You realize the irony of saying this on a topic about a woman selling parenting books right?"

Do your research. Amy Chua's book is not a parenting book; it is a memoir. One is instructional, the other is refelctive.

Another reader adds this gem:
"So yeah keep it up. And you know when the girls commit suicide blame ANYONE ELSE BUT YOUR SELF."

This illogical jump, especially if one read the daughter's response, indicates a serious lack of intelligence and simple anger. But of course, one just needs to watch the recently non-renewed Keith Olberman or the thriving Glen Beck to see that logic is lacking and vitriol is accepted in our public discourse.


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