Monday, February 21, 2011

Things I believe

I believe...
that in a country built on the backs of immigrants, we should support the basic premise of The Dream Act.
that anyone who supported the removal of Natalie Munroe for protesting lazy behavior by her students should also support the removal of any Wisconsin teacher who called in "sick" in order to protest.
that Waiting for Superman shows that well-run charter schools can work, but that if a poorly run charter exists, it should be closed.
that failing schools with major behavior issues will only succeed when they are allowed to remove disruptive students.
that before those schools start removing disruptive students, they should first create a school culture that most students want to be a part of.
that there are bad teachers.
that there are bad students.
that there are bad parents.
that we should generalize about any of the three groups unless the evidence exists.
that the endless collection of data and meetings typically has little value unless a structured and aligned curriculum already exists.


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