Saturday, April 09, 2011

State Takeover, the truth.

I blogged about the State of Connecticut's move to "takeover" Windham Public Schools after reading the Hartford Courant's article. After more information has come out, it appears the word "takeover" is not quite accurate. This Norwich Bulletin article has a better description of what is going to happen. The state appears to be joining the district in a more balanced arrangement of influence. For the past few years, Windham has had advisors from the state helping to guide the transformation. As test scores remain low, the state feels it is time to step up their influence. As I wrote in my previous post, I am still skeptical about what the state can do unless they first focus on improving the schools' climate and the town's approach to education funding. I am in favor of charter schools, and wouldn't be opposed to the state exploring such a possibility. I should have waited until more of the facts came out before writing about the Courant's information.

Additionally, while Windham's test scores need improvement, there seems to be another side of the story, at least if you believe the experience described in this Exxon Mobile commercial.


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