Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Back to School Gifts for Teachers

The back-to-school sales are in full effect, and so are the articles displaying all the great gadgets that students need or want. Now I am wondering what the great gadgets are that teachers need or want. If I were blessed with more cash than I have now, what gift would I give to each of my colleagues at the start of the year?

For the stylish male teacher, I recommend the Lacoste Forest Hills Messenger bag. When it comes to simplicity of style, the white bag and black straps hits the spot. The fresh design might get a little dirty if your district has had to skimp on custodial budgets, so I encourage you to find a solid coat rack to hang your bag.

My classroom, like many, does not have a closet or a coat rack. For the teacher who has limited space for their belongings, a simple Ikea coat rack would make a useful addition to his room. Of course, make sure to place your new coat rack away from where rowdy students have easy access.

In a tough economy, high tech gadgets are definitely not in the budget. For as low as $399, the Optoma-Pico Pocket DLP is a great way to provide your favorite teacher with a basic necessity in today's education environment.
Just make sure to tether it to an object that is not movable. These things will disappear if the opportunity presents itself.

My student teacher from last school year, who is now called "Little Miss Sunshine," suggested that every teacher have plenty of Pilot's Precise V5 series rolling ball point pen. Not a bad idea, except Little Miss Sunshine preferred pink and purple to the standard black ink. For my liking, I suggest, though I don't know if they use the same pen, DoubleTree Hotels' ball-point.

There are plenty of other great gifts for the teacher in your life. But whatever you choose to do, make sure it isn't some hokey mug or pack of stickers. Today's teachers, who are beaten down by the popular rhetoric, need to feel appreciated.


At 12:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have a power point laser pointer/clicker? They work for SMART Boards too. That is the one thing I was never able to live without and wore my down. All teacher's should have one. For every teacher I let use mine for a lesson, they all went out and bought one.

You can walk around and watch your kids--especially those ones that can't be left alone near others. For the ladies that wear heels, what? What? What? The sound of your heels and the mobility of the clicker is everything you need.

Oh, and the laser pointer thing is fun too.

If I had to only have one thing, it would be the clicker for power point.

At 3:35 AM , Anonymous How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath said...

i remember giving my teacher a blue and red pen .. red pen for her to correct me when i wrong and blue one for her daily use... that's the only thing i think that time... nothing else... but to my teacher it means a lot.. she started to cry... i donno why... but when i grew up right now, i understand why...

At 10:18 PM , Blogger Aly V said...

Do you have an Elmo? I think it is one of the most useful gadgets invented for teachers recently, specifically the TT-02RX DOC CAM at about $700 would make a fine gift.

At 6:02 AM , Blogger Suzy Hudson said...

Like you said in post, if I was blessed with more cash, I'd love to get my child's teacher a nice projector for the classroom.

But what I do like to do is find a fun unique gift. Last year I found really fun shirts online to give as gifts. www.teachshirts.com has these Peace Love shirts that I think are too cute.

Anyone have any other ideas?

At 5:40 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

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