Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Road Unknown

I like to know where I am going before I start the car. If I've never visited a certain place, I like to have clear directions, landmarks included. I need some semblance of control, otherwise my heart races, my palms get sweaty, and I am a big grump to drive with. My life is much like that as well. I like to know where I am going before I start the car. Right now, I have only a vague idea of where I am going, and very few landmarks to help me get there. I need to have my Professional Certification, a Washington State teacher requirement, within the next three years. I've not started on the road yet because, frankly, I don't know where to go. The wisest route travels across the city of Master's Degree. In that route I would also get the Professional Certificate. However, the city of Master's Degree is wrought with potential detours. I could go the Master's in English freeway, which gives me a pleasant trip, and is much more enjoyable than other options. I could go Master's in Education highway, except it seems to me like it is not filled with many sights. I suppose I could go the Master's in Administration route which winds through the city, and is quite a bit more complicated. One needs to be a bit more sure of their skills. I've only been driving this teacher vehicle for two years.Ultimately, I am just not enthused about being rushed. I want to take my time navigating this city. I feel quite incapable of making such a huge decision so early in my career.


At 4:51 PM , Blogger Dan Edwards said...

Do you wanna teach or administrate ? Certificate can keep you employed, then work on the MA ? If you like what you are doing, at least get the certificate. Most districts pay more for those with MA + . But in this time of money problems, if you leave your current position, are you pricing yourself outta a job by having that MA ?

At 1:58 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

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