Tuesday, April 26, 2005

McNamar's Laws (Murphy's Laws for teachers)

In a recent post on things I wasn't taught in college education classes, I offered the future newcomers like I am currently, a few things to keep in mind. Today, I've been thinking about some of the inevitablities of teaching. Kind of like Murphy's Laws of teaching.

1. A blank whiteboard, with markers nearby, will always attract student artists in their various forms of artistry.
2. On that Monday morning after you've stayed up too late watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy, your must emotionally draining students will have some conundrum they want to unload on you.
3. If you open your door at lunch to one student, there will be a gaggle of them at the end of lunch.
4. On that afternoon when you've penciled in some quality relaxation at the spa, or the golf course for me, a mandatory and "quick" meeting will pop up. You will tap a leg your way through the meeting, rush through congested traffic and arrive in a scattered state of mind for your relaxation. You will think about the meeting the whole time and come away feeling only slightly refreshed.
5. On that day you have your most fantastic new lesson plan prepared there will be a fire drill, or a snow day. And on that day you are just too dang tired to teach, no such luck.
6. No matter how clear your directions are, there is always someone who doesn't get it.
7. On that day when, after a quarter, semester or year of slacking off, a student comes to you in tears, like she did today, looking for honest help, you will.


At 7:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd when a strange reader happens by and comments on an old entry? Anyway, I just want to say how true! to all of that. My students actually made a Gatsby mural on my white board, complete with green light.


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