Saturday, September 15, 2007

Baseball on My Mind

While my family and I wait for our albatross beautiful home to rent, we are roomates with my parents. Not exactly what we had in mind when we made the move, but it hasn't been too bad. One benefit has been the opportunity to help my parents declutter from years of living in their home.
One such decluttering need happens to be my baseball card collection. Today, I began the process of deciding what to do with all of my cards. At the moment, my solution is to sift through the cards and pull out any cards of players who are or could be Hall of Famers. I also chose to pull out all of the Red Sox cards and Mariner cards (my wife is from Seattle).
At the moment, I have counted nearly 5,000 cards and still have a few more boxes to go. This trip down memory lane has been fun, and maybe someday I'll write an essay on it. Anyway, not much to write about relating to school, so I went with my second love--baseball.


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