Monday, September 17, 2007

Season of Change

This is week three at my new school and already I am wondering about the future. Today we found out that the state will audit our school using Cambridge Education's resources. I know that our test scores have floundered with little improvement for some time, and therefore, the State is starting the process of intervention.
What astounded me about our faculty reaction was that, at least the ones who spoke, were all skeptical of what this audit could do for us. Now, I am not one who is thrilled about testing and all of this NCLB effects, but I do believe that we have a responsibility to educate our kids--all of them. I also understand that the community I teach in has many characteristics that are not in line with a culture of education.
The public often complains about the unwillingness of teachers to change. To a large extent, I disagree with the public in their assumptions about teachers and what we do. But, in some instances, their assessment is correct. And when so many of our students are not succeeding, I just can't help but be annoyed that so many are unwilling to at least hear what an outside perspective has to say. The season for change at some schools is here; it is time for those who are just collecting a paycheck until retirement, to go ahead and retire.


At 1:05 AM , Blogger Trevor, Chesha, and Jackson said...

I agree with you that it's important for teachers to be willing to embrace change and work with our ever-changing students. However, I think that changes need to occur at the top of the hierarchy (administration and decisionmakers at the federal, state, and local level). These are the ones who set the boundaries for the teachers. I also believe that we have a responsibility to educate all kids. I would like to see equal opportunity and resources for all. We are a long ways from that! I can identify with your frustations with those teachers who are reluctant or unwilling to change. There is already going to be a bunch of teachers retiring soon. I think we are in a critical period where we can revamp our schools. Hopefully, our next president and congress can help lay the groundwork to improve education and opportunity for all students.


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