Monday, October 22, 2007

More on Late Work

My previous post about Lesson Plan submission continues to get feedback. If you haven't provided your feedback, please take the time to do that.
This year I have been trying out the late work policy that Standards Based Graders like Ken O'Connor tout. That is, let them turn it in whenever they want. That way, they know the assignment is important.
With two weeks remaining in the first quarter, I have 386 missing assignments to collect. That represents 26% of all the work assigned. Hmmm....between my Data Driven Decision Making meetings, my new to the building meeting, my staff meeting, my department meeting, my...oh you get the picture, I wonder when I'll have a chance to get to those assignments if or when they come in?


At 7:28 PM , Blogger care020 said...

I have been attempting to implement several of Ken O'Conner's grading ideas this year and am meeting with the same dilema's. Students are doing poorly on tests and as a results their grades are suffering. I know this is primarily due to not doing the independent practice; however, I also know that giving them an infinite amount of time to get things done is a guaranteed way to end up with this problem.

At a recent PLC conference, they addressed this by suggesting a collection of during and after school interventions. Students are required to attend the intervention programs until they turn in all or a certain percentage of their missing assignments (which the teacher will still take because there is not cutoff on late work).

At this time the only interventions we have during school are year long remediation classes. This leaves me with an after school homework club on Thursdays and a biweekly makeup day to catch students up on the work. I conduet the makeup day during two of our weekly PLC minimum days.


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