Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure

My first "Choose Your Own Adventure" post created good dialogue; I've got two more scenarios to offer my readers.
Scenario One:
A week ago a student came and asked permission to take the final early. The student's parents felt it was acceptable to leave for Puerto Rico on vacation a full week and a half before the end of the year.
No problem.
Then the student gets into a fight and thus suspended. So, the student wouldn't be around for the last two and a half weeks of school.
The student's counselor e-mailed the teachers asking us to contact the student to set up a time after school to take the final. What do you do?

Scenario Two:
At the end of semster one, a student's grade tallies up to a 58%. The student often misses class and has a surly demeanor. But the student needs a full English credit to graduate, so the student asks you to bump the grade to 60%, a passing grade.
You tell the student that, contingent upon better attendance, better product, and a better attitude, you would reasses the semester grade at the end of the year. The student agrees.
But, the student continues to skip, improves the work, and slightly improves behavior.
The student's counselor comes to you for your final decision on the first semester grade because mom needs to know. What do you do?
*IF you chose to leave the grade, you can stop reading.
**IF you chose to bump the grade to 60%, read on...

...After you bump the grade, a notice from the attendance office shows up in your mailbox. The student has lost credit for second semster due to absences. The student is going before the final appeals committee, which will determine whether to restore credit for the semester. The committee would like to know your views on the student's behavior, homework, and quizzes.
Now, what do you tell them?


At 6:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've dealt with scenarios close to both of those, except here in GA, you need 70% to pass. 69 is fail. For the first, I'm not sure what "after school" means. Is it after the school year? If so, I'd go along with the late final as long as it was on a post-planning -- contracted -- day. Otherwise, have the administration administer the test. I would not be inclined to provide any additional study materials, only those I supplied to the students who attended the last two weeks.

Scenario #2 -- I did not bump the grade from 67 to passing for a senior who was a lazy slackoff all semester. She did not graduate because of my class. Her mother freaked out on me in email, but I had everything documented all semester, especially the emails to the mom (at the 12-week mark) with the sad news that her daughter would not graduate unless she got her act together. I slept just fine.


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