Saturday, June 07, 2008

Goal Setting

I just bought my first laptop computer, a Sony Vaio. With hopes of mobile access during this summer, I am blogging from outside the confines of my office for the first time. Here in the Northeast, the temperatures rose to above 90 degrees. After a late evening dive into the lake, I am sitting on my deck. As luck would have it, I had to postpone the blogging endeavor because a passing shower chose to drop some moisture on me!
My seniors must complete a self-reflective letter as their final. I stole this idea from the Everett Public Schools for whom I taught before moving to Connecticut last summer. Even though none of my seniors will attend college in the fall, this assignment will serve to culminate their senior year.
One of the questions asks them to evaluate their short term and long term goals. I promised them that I would do the same.
I am not ready to do so yet, but once the year ends, I will evaluate my future. I've expressed a desire to stay in my current position while simultaneously expressing a desire to leave. That will be the first goal I set: to stay, or not to stay.
Then, I will evaluate which direction to further my education in. Do I want a Masters in my content area, education, or do I want to pursue administration? Today, the lack of ski boat makes me want to pursue the administrative level!


At 9:21 PM , Blogger rk said...

No duh.


You have the skill set and more.

I've seen you teach.

I've seen you lead.

No go teach and lead at the same time. Hence, admin.

Teacher's need your encouragement.

Kids need your counsel.

Admin, admin, admin.



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