Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Food Drive (Day 9)

I hope you've enjoyed the break from my regular content; I know it has refocused my teaching soul, which had become corrupted by student behaviors.
Tonight marked the ninth night of collecting food at our local grocery stores. The freshmen brought four students to one location and the juniors only offered one student at the other. Fortunately for the juniors, it was only our second day at that location so the food drive is still a novelty. At the freshmen location, we are in our second week which resulted in many passing up because they had already given last week. Which makes me wonder why it matters, but I don't want to dwell on the negatives.
After this morning's count, we had lifted our total to 3,600 items and $288. That puts us 900 items away from our goal of 4,500 items. Tonight will net another 650-750 items, leaving us just shy of our goal with one night remaining.
The weather might be bad overnight, so here's (for the first time) hoping that we don't have a snow day. I'll take a 90 minute delay, though!


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