Friday, December 12, 2008

Food Drive (Day Five)

After this morning's count, we had totaled over 1400 items. This was cause for celebration and excitement. Unfortunately, the final period of the day arrived and that class was simply out of control. Why is that I'm in complete control of three classes, tenuously in control of the fourth, and lacking control in the fifth? I'm at a loss and I feel, for the first time in my career, like a true failure. It isn't pleasant.
But, then comes joy. I've been struggling to diversify the volunteer crowd, and today's session did that. My favorite part of the evening was when one of the students, obviously not accustomed to being the "face" of the school went from struggling to get the sales pitch correct to nailing it every time. "Mister, I'm on a roll," he shouted to me. Sweet. He and his friends experience amazing generosity from our local community, bringing in around 500 items to add to our total.
I may not have taught my last period how to read a graph for information, but this student learned that compassion does have a place in society, and that he can be a part of its influence. I'll take the latter.


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