Sunday, December 21, 2008

Food Drive (Phase II)

I'm sitting here at the computer looking at the lake surface grow increasingly angry as the heavy wind drives the light snow sideways past the window. We cancelled school on Friday, pushing the start of Phase II (Food Distribution) to Monday. Today's weather could have implications tomorrow, and Friday's weather has already messed with the distribution.
We scheduled Shopping Day for tomorrow. We need to have school tomorrow in order to accomplish the Shopping Day--when student volunteers set up the cafeteria as a grocery store and then shop for the families we will support. The event can still happen unless school is cancelled. I'm not too worried about that possibility.
What I'm most concerned about is Delivery Day, which is scheduled for Tuesday. Because school was cancelled on Friday, the indoor track team's first meet was postponed. The rescheduled meet will happen on Tuesday, Delivery Day. Many of my heavily involved volunteers are on the team. That means we will be lacking a number of our most dedicated students. And that means the very ones who have put in the most time will miss out on a rewarding part of the project.


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