Saturday, February 07, 2009


In the words of Eminem, "Crack a bottle, let your body waddle," because The Daily Grind is celebrating. According to my dashboard records, I have written 499 posts. This one will make it 500.
Thank you to God, my mom, my dad. Thanks to my older brother who set me down this path of blogging back in January of 2005. Thanks to Ms. Young who taught me to show it, not tell it; and of course Ms. Pope whose love for language and the written word has driven me to give her something of value to read.
Thanks to my wife who lets me slip into this other world so that I might learn something of who I really am. Thanks to the other excellent education related blogs: From the Trenches, The Science Goddess, The Education Wonks, Joanne Jacobs, Coach Brown, and the many others who offer insights into this profession.
In these four years of blogging, I've found myself the story instead of the subjects I write about. I have discovered that maturing as a teacher demands struggling through issues, even if it means my character is maligned. I have contradicted myself dozens of times, whined too many times. I have written with sexy syntax and grotesque grammar.
I have made people laugh, cry, and pound their fists in disgust. I don't regret any of it.
I have written about students I hated and students I adored. I have blasted colleagues and praised others. I've been positive and negative. In the final analysis, I have been human.

So thank you (the three of you) for reading my story--which continues on. I hope you have found yourself thinking, wondering, and questioning from something I have written.


At 6:43 PM , Blogger The Science Goddess said...

Congratulations on this milestone! I look forward to the next 500+.

At 5:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I read you blog weekly-I want to eventually teach and you give me tremendous insight into Connecticut education process. Keep up the good work!
Alisa Leahy

At 4:41 PM , Blogger Mr. McNamar said...

Thank you both. I really need this blog to process this most important subject.

At 4:15 PM , Blogger Mr. B-G said...

Congrats on your achievement.

I notice you credit "God" first. Is your blog a product of "God's will," or your own? Do you believe in fate or free will?

I'm currently reading Macbeth with my seniors. We read Oedipus earlier. This concept pops up in both works.

I'm curious on your personal take.

At 11:13 AM , Blogger Mr. McNamar said...

Mr. B-G, that is a deep question for someone like me.
By "fate" do you mean the old English idea of "wyrd" or a more modern definition?
Free will. An interesting concept. I think that we do have free will to choose our course of action. Let's say that an omnipotent God with the power to control gave up all that power to us in the form of free will. He is all-powerful because he chooses to be powerless over our will.

At 7:36 PM , Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Hooray for you! Thanks for raising the general level of discourse-- even if you like WWE!!!!!!


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