Friday, February 13, 2009

If you smeeeeellllallalalalalala what Linda's Cookin'

In the early and mid 1980's my father permitted us to watch the WWF (now WWE)--we were instructed not to tell mom. I matured during the '90's but regressed in the early 21st century for a few years, indulging in the WWE's Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, and yes, even attended Wrestlemania when Seattle's Safeco Field hosted it.
Connecticut's Senate has recently approved WWE's chief executive Linda McMahon for one of the 11 seats on the State Board of Education.
Now maybe we can have some royal rumbles and cage matches regarding the inadequate and unfair funding that is hindering its urban districts. Heck, in this world of throwing money around to solve problems, why not at least put the money where it is needed.
It continues to amaze me that our state demands that urban schools increase performance without recognizing that funding is a major issue--NOTE: NOT THE ONLY ISSUE. So Ms. McMahon, it is time to put someone in a figure four leg lock and get them to submit.


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