Friday, March 27, 2009


The Seattle Times is reporting that Jackson High School in Everett, Washington has a t-shirt controversey on its hands. Their Spirit Week t-shirts allegedly have double meanings. Does "Krabby Patty" refer to a burger on Spongebob or to "disease ridden female gentalia [sic]" ( Does "Mole Rat" refer to a character on Spongebob, a "particularly unattractive" woman. What about "Stain" or "Burnt Toast?"
The students wanted to do something different for Spirit Week as other t-shirt ideas failed. They weren't allowed to have a "Battle of the Sexes" and have blue and pink t-shirts.
I like to believe in the goodness of students in general. I like to believe that the Jackson students didn't go on to and try to find phrases to slip by the administrators. I mean, the has an entry for teacher that goes:


Teachers (see pedophile) are sluts who got divorced or married a dumbass and who can't afford to live, so they take the first job they can find and take out all their anger on the students.

And for principal:


The leader, boss and manager of a school. Most are known to be old and mean and fat but there are exceptions.


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