Saturday, April 04, 2009

Whaddya Wanna Bet...

It's time for another installment of this stolen idea. As a side-note, this post is being written on the day the UConn Huskies play in the Final Four. So, to start us out...

Whaddya Wanna bet...

That UConn beats Michigan State in a close thriller?
That Coach Calhoun and UConn are not done dodging the NCAA violations debacle?
That educators at UConn can be proud of their women's team?
That I would love to do a Teacher Tournament Bracket in which my building colleagues were given seedings and then voted on until a winner was determined?
That I would be out before the Sweet 16?
That President Obama should believe in trickle down economics for public education and get some more of that stimulus money to local school districts?
That many districts are beginning to pull apart at the seams because of the financial stress?
That working in a poor district means we won't feel the pinch as much? (We're used to the pinch)
That the urban poor receive much more attention than the rural poor?
That Good to Great by Jim Collins should be required reading for all administrators?
That despite moving too strongly too quickly, Michelle Rhee is still right?
That no one is surprised by Boston Teacher's Union getting angry at the district for eliminating current teachers and then hiring Teach for America members?
That a union should not protect incompetency?
That the NEA and AFT should be the ones leading the change to eliminate the current seniority based layoffs?
That it will never happen because unions don't have the best interest of the group or the students in mind?
That I am despondent over the news that Starbucks will be closing my after-school (and sometimes before-school) location?


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