Sunday, November 08, 2009

Trying to plan

I'm laying out the scheduled readings and lessons for my Animal Farm unit but find it difficult to plan. The November doldrums have swept in and clouded my mind. Part of the problem is that I don't really want to think too hard. For instance, I teach four freshmen English classes in a rotating schedule. Additionally, some weeks we have block scheduling and other weeks we have half-day PD scheduling. This week looks like this:

Monday: Meet with periods 2,3,4,5
Tuesday: Meet with periods 2,3,4,5
Wednesday: No School
Thursday: Meet with periods 3,4,5
Friday: Meet with periods 2,3,4,5

Three of the freshmen classes will meet four times; one will meet three times. The following week has two half-days for conferences--I haven't seen the schedule yet for those days, so I'm not sure which classes will meet. Then, we have the Thanksgiving week: two days of classes and a half-day that always feels like we shouldn't bother coming in.

This should be much easier, but the intermittent crying from baby Cal and the newly arrived sassiness of toddler Tate have scrambled whatever brains I had.


At 3:43 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

As a teacher in training, I hope I enter a district without half days. It just seems like a waste. It's difficult to plan anything when the students are so eager to get out. I know I always was.

Good Luck :D


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