Friday, May 13, 2011

Is it time?

I've done this before. It's kind of like Brett Favre and his retirement saga. But I am seriously considering closing up shop here at the Daily Grind. Blogging without a pseudonym is dangerous these days. Administrators across the country are wary of their teachers sharing reality, observations, and opinions.
Certainly I am not as widely read as, say, Joanne Jacobs, but this blog is really more for me to generate thought on my part. The occassional commentor helps me to clarify or delve deeper. I guess we'll see where the weeks ahead take me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LZ Granderson

LZ Granderson should stick to sportwriting. He has entered the world of CNN blowhards as an opinion writer whose writing style is informal and reminiscent of his days with ESPN. But today he pissed me off.
In yet another article by an non-educator about how US schools suck, Granderson sticks with the trite. He offers nothing in the way of critical thinking, only regurgitating everything the reformists have been promoting, specifically more time in the classroom.
But when he wrote, "Cutting into summer vacation won't solve all our education problems -- most research points toward the quality of the teacher as the biggest influencer -- but more class time could help," he crossed the line.
The ad hominem attacks on teachers have got to stop. To suggest that student failure is a direct result of teacher efficacy demonstrates an absolute lack of intellectual honesty--something our President has been guilty of as well.
When teachers have a level playing field, urban and suburban districts have very little in common when it comes to student population and funding, then I will be willing to accept the criticism from sports writer to CNN blowhard.
Stick to what you know. And trust me Mr. Granderson, you wouldn't last in the schools you are criticising.