Monday, March 05, 2012

The Lord of the Education Flies

The American education system really hit its first bit of turbulance back in the 1980's, but was able to ride it out until the late 90's when the turbulance returned. That's when the crash happened. Our system was left dazed and confused and in need of a leader. President Bush spoke first, declaring that our government had a responsibility to hold the shell and speak. It all seemed utopian at first. No child left behind; politicians and teachers coming together to create a more perfect union.
But soon the politicians and their followers grew jealous of the teachers and their unions. The teachers and the unions began to see that the politicians weren't keeping up on their end of the deal--to fund the mandates. Grumbling began.
The politicians decide that the teachers union should not, or could not, lead the way. They begin to entice the private sector, the donors, to join their side. Their thirst for blood grows until finally the teachers become the enemy, and they swear to destroy them.
Currently, those politicians and their followers are in a full fledged, mouth-frothing, trance-like frenzy to ridicule and demoralize the teachers. With the help of the New York Times and the L.A. Times, the politicians have succeeded in pushing a few boulders off the cliff of decency, striking many a decent teacher.
It is all quite savage in the end. It comes just a little too close to that cautionary tale of The Lord of the Flies.


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