Sunday, October 09, 2005


So, a second year of classroom blogging is beginning here at The Daily Grind's classroom. My early morning class was supposed to have their first official posts up on Friday, but because of certain decisions (see the cryptic post before this one) I was unable to demonstrate for them exactly how to do it.
But, should any of you, over the course of this year, want to know what my delightful 7:30 class has to say about literature and life, check them out at In Need of Coffee.
You most likely didn't notice, but I've replaced last year's link for this year's. I must say that my inaugural group did a fantastic job over at Pre-College, and it was very difficult to move on. I left it running for my former students to utilize, but I am almost certain it will become a wasteland in the realm of the internet.
I will say, though, that after running into a few graduates from last year, I feel much more confident about the amount of writing I make them do. In fact, one young lady said I should have given more! Even she was surprised to say that.


At 10:17 AM , Blogger TEACHER SOL said...

Hello! I'm also a teacher here in Washington DC. May I link you so it would be easier for me to check the updates in your entries? I would appreciate so much if you also link me back. Let's learn from each other.


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