Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Double Entendre

One of the vocabulary words I've recently introduced to my Pre-College students is the word crass. A few of the synonyms are boorish and unrefined. So, when I walked through the halls after school one day and noticed a slogan on a student's t-shirt, I was reminded of the vocabulary word.
Now, my concern about what image students present was lambasted two years ago when I shared my thoughts on a tradition at our school. I'd like to avoid repeating that, and so I will tread ever so cautiously, so as to not have my words misunderstood by students who might read this or by news outlets looking to headline the five o'clock news.
The phrase itself, considering the sport it was related to would seem harmless to the woefully out of touch. In fact, one might make the case that the slogan actaully does relate to the sport. But when the slogan has a potential double meaning, and one that is in fact crass, I get concerned. (No, I will not share the slogan--yes, I am censoring--no, I shouldn't have to--yes, people are looking for any reason to come after teachers)
It makes me sad when students choose to flaunt what is crass. It is unfortunate that our students feel this approach to image is necessary. I won't blame television or media, though certainly there is culpability in that arena. And really, it isn't important to assign blame; it is only important that someone teaches our students how to promote a positive image of themselves.


At 10:37 PM , Blogger Onyx said...

Crass what a lovely way to explain the fashion statements of youth. I am a T shirt reader and frequently reply to the public advertisments student wear. Crass, that really does explain it.


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