Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Class of 2007

I sat in the upper level of our graduation arena, preparing myself for the usual insight into life's journey when out of the din of the arena, the speaker's voice, mellow and calm, recalled that September morning in 1995 when she started her first day of school.
The statement jolted me out of my daydreams. I graduated in 1995. For the first time as a teacher, I recognized the vast age difference between me and my students. The speaker, a student who never graced any of my classes, spoke with a serenity and acceptance of all that has happened in their years of school. For once, I did not drift off into what I might say to the student body if given the chance.
I will save my thoughts on this Class of 2007 for another post. For now, I will leave it at: Congratulations Class of 2007. Represent our school well, your family honorably, and your self honestly--the latter is, if nothing else, what will keep you grounded.


At 1:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you! My oldest daughter is going into the 8th grade. Theoretically, I'm old enough to be a parent to my students coming into 9th grade (though on the young side -- I would have been 20 or 21). Still... I have also been teaching long enough to have taught many of my colleagues when they were in high school. That makes me feel old.


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