Monday, November 05, 2007

Things I Heard at Staff Meeting

In relation to improving student scores, "If we get that done, then it's done."
About the circular nature of Data Driven Decision making and common formative assessments--"these are cycular." I'm not sure if it spelled cyc or cic or syc, but it was used more than three times.
About formative assessments--"formative means, um, (pause) for the students."
Also regarding formative assessments, one teacher let us know that "I've been giving these types of assessments for years, you know, to inform my instruction."
After our Union President voiced his displeasure at having a staff meeting the day before a day off, which also preceeds the day our grades must be published, "Well, the building is open tomorrow."
I also learned that "It is what it is," and "We've been putting the cart before the horse."


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