Sunday, October 18, 2009

By Jove!

I'm attempting a rather brief mini-unit on mythology. My lack of experience in this area could lead to a debacle or boredom. But, a classic education requires some introduction to the oft alluded to.

Mini-lesson One: Guided Notes about why we study myths.

Mini-lesson Two: "How the World Began" from Myths and their Meaning.

Mini-lesson Three: Baseball and Mythology (to coordinate with our interdisciplinary unit on baseball).

Mini-lesson Four: Gods and advertising/marketing/company slogans (to be taught by student teacher).

The individual assignment, shown in the picture, asks the students to create a Facebook profile for a god or goddess. Students will have to find a picture, create a status update, identify two poems that reference their choice, and write a three sentence summary of their choice's importance. We've been working hard to solidify summarizing skills, so this will be yet another data point for that skill.


At 8:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

For another assignment you may want to take a page from my daughter's sophmore English teacher. The students had to assemble what was billed as background music for the Sophocles' play Antigone.

The music choices were to go along with the action in the scenes. I believe they had to write a rationbale but I am not sure.
The music was assembled on a CD then but now you could do a different method.

The assignment was one in a list of choices. Although she is a good writer, (now a junior in college) she loved the choice as a fabulous change from grinding out written pieces for every class day after day.

At 6:46 AM , Blogger Beth said...

I love this idea. What a great way to incorporate something that students love (facebook) with something they may not love so much.


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