Monday, October 12, 2009


I continue to struggle with theory and practice. In theory, I agree with such rules as: no cell-phones, no iPods, no hats, etc. But in practice, I'm not as dedicated as needed. Many charter schools have these hard-line policies, and I am inclined to believe in those rules.
Yet, while standing at my door during passing time, student after student walks by with a cell-phone out our an iPod attached to their ear. Most students will put the devices away when I ask, but many will just keep walking. That's where practice and theory intersect in a head on collision. Do I follow the student? Our administration has made these rules the forefront of our year. So, what should I do?


At 6:52 PM , Blogger Kim Hughey said...

I have the same issue in my new school. It is supposably against the rules to have all these devices, but the administration does not enorce it. I have seen adminstrators walk right past a student with an Ipod and not say a word.

This is how I resolve it. . . when they walk in my room, it is my room and my rules apply. No cell phones, no headphones around the neck, no caps etc. I'm having pretty good luck. I have to remind a few at the front door, but they are getting used to me and seem compliant because I don't yell or scream. I just politely ask them to put it up while they're in my room so we can focus on math for 45 minutes.

I've given up doing any hall enforcement. I really don't want to be a police woman all day long.

At 3:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for sometime... though this is my first comment here.

Thought would drop by and send you this site for your opinion before I start using it with my class.

At 5:59 PM , Anonymous snoring mouthpiece said...


This is very hard to follow. Not all student can follow it. This is happen to all school.


the snoring mouthpiece


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