Friday, October 28, 2005

Prior Review

For any of you at the high school level who have a student newspaper, please let me know what your district's/school's policy is on prior review. It seems to be a mounting issue around here and I'd like to write a post on it eventually.


At 1:04 PM , Anonymous Dana Huff said...

I teach at a private school, and I know that we have prior review. Last year, there was an article written that was critical of the school's policy on something (can't remember what anymore), and the head of our Judaics department had it pulled. Aside from him, I'm not sure who looks at it. Last year, we didn't have an advisor, but this year, we do. We haven't had an issue come out yet...

At 7:34 PM , Anonymous Bud Hunt said...

No prior review here by the administration, but, as the journalism teacher at my school, I do work very closely with students to get their articles printed. Do I count?


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