Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strange Creatures

In a brief document sent to me by my buddy D-Rob, Intervention Specialist Wendy Bates provides some insight into managing today's sensitive teenagers.

These creatures we work with have complex and convuluted reasoning skills. We've all had that moment when we watch a student respond in a way we hadn't expected. Those moments confuse me because my semi-adult brain doesn't understand how the student heard one thing when I clearly had said something else.

But D-Rob had trouble buying into this quote:

"You might say 'I know you can do better in math'. But the first thing they hear is 'you are so stupid.'"

He didn't elaborate, leaving me with "See Ya."


At 11:28 PM , Blogger Dave said...

Well, I will see ya at some point, so I speak the truth. Plus I didn't have time to elaborate because I was busy proctoring the WASL. I couldn't spend any more time at the computer. It was my turn to walk around the classroom.


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