Friday, February 17, 2006

Mid winter break!

So, last time I was on break, I wrote an incredible post about things I think about while on break. Here's part two:
I went to Staples to pick up some pencils for grading essays. The Ticonderoga's were on sale. Yippee. I purchased them, opened one of the boxes, sharpened all twelve, only to discover after grading three essays that the pencil had already gone dull. Dang-it. I bought 72 pencils that have soft lead.


At 5:58 AM , Blogger Keith said...

Funny, this must be some kind of genetic thing. On Monday I went to Staples to pick up new pens - I'm currently trying out a Pentel Gel Pen .5mm width - and told Rita afterwards that it was the highlight of my day. Something about a new writing instrument makes me very, very happy. I also know the pain of making a purchase with high expectations of writing instrument pleasure, only to be disappointed with its performance. On the upside - just mark up those essays heavily and you'll pass through the soft lead in no time...

At 12:05 PM , Blogger Cassie said...

What a bummer!! I hope your dinner was a better experience than your 'soft lead' purchase.

It was great to see you and your wife come in.--I think you could tell by my jaw dropping and wide eyes when you walked in. Haha.

I was starting to wonder if perhaps you had come in on a night when I wasnt working, or a night I was working but just somehow, missed you. But moving on, it was great to see you guys, your wife (not sure if youd mind me using her name) looks like she's doing well. When is she due? A couple months..right? I wish I could have stopped by your table to chat for a minute, but being a Saturday they kinda needed me up at the front--and a their every beckoning call. ;)

Well enjoy your break, and you'll have to come in again sometime. They've started me hosting for Sunday lunches so you'll have to try out our lunch menu maybe..? (11-3) :D

Take it easy.


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