Monday, September 11, 2006


One of the few challenges I face while teaching the Pre-College English class is convincing my capable students to look beyond the community college option. This is not to say that the local community colleges don't have fine programs, but the opportunities a four year university has to offer should draw more of my students. I won't lie in saying that I am a bit of a snob towards community colleges, but that is just my opinion.
It seems that too many of our students choose the community options because they are unsure about their future, feel like money is a barrier, or are not that independent. The result is that the community college becomes an extension of the local high school, with many of their classmates going with them.
Last year I had a student get accepted at a fine east coast school, and that thrilled me. This year, more hands than ever went up when I asked about four year universities. But I am still hopeful that many of these students will look outside of the region. Again, not because our universities are not excellent options, but because I believe that going to college is both about the education and becoming an independent contributor to society.


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