Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Three Letter Words, Alex"

For 200$: When a parent disagreed with a teacher's late work policy.
"What is sue?"
For 400$: When parents disagree with team placement for their son.
"What is sue?"
For 600$: The best way to get rid of Wi-Fi access in school.
"What is sue?"
For 800$: If your child is asked to think critically about scientific evidence.
"What is sue?"
For 1000$: This three letter word causes school districts to take disciplinary--or preventive--action if a parent even mutters the word under their breath--regardless of the validity of their claims.
"What is sue?"

Here's where the current administration went wrong. They didn't fire every attorney who has ever accepted a stupid lawsuit by a stupid person.
If parents are allowed to bully schools, teachers, and coaches by threatening to sue, we are no longer capable of living without fear. Lawsuits are expensive. Even if the parents are wrong, and will be proven wrong, it is far less costly to districts to acquiesce to their demands--regardless of who they hurt in the process.
I propose, then, that all teachers, coaches, and like-minded district personnel join together in a class action lawsuit against parental stupidity. Let's make them pay for all of the times they signed a bogus excuse note or took their child to Disneyland during state exams. Let's give them a tab for all of the "pain and suffering" we must endure because their child is a selfish brat. Let's charge them with "malparenting."


At 9:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen. I know I sure feel tired of being circumvented and denigrated by parents. I needed this commiseration this week.

At 1:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I often feel the same way about students' parents. The rich ones who spoil their children rotten and then we have to deal with their spoiled attitudes---I think the "rich parent" is the worst because they are doctors, attorneys, judges, etc. and think that you are "just" a public service servant (which to some degree we are!) and not on equal footing as "professionals" -- even though teachers are continuing being updated in our profession through continuing education which is required.
Then there are the poverty stricken families, where both parents are working one, two, or even three minimum wage jobs to "get by". However, because they are working all the time their children are not supervised and they become ill-mannered to their peers and authority figures.
They don't learn basic manners or the difference between "home rules" and "school rules" - which may be extremely different. So the public school teacher deals with these, and many other, "problem students". I thin we as teachers do an excellent job educating----especially since those we are trying teach often aren't interested in learning because they don't see the importance of academics.


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