Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another Moron Takes a Shot at Teachers

In his most recent column (are's Page 2 writers really columnists?), David Schoenfield--one of the worst writers around--lists his all overpaid team in Major League Baseball. It is not the list that I took offense to.
Schoenfield takes an unecessary shot at me--well, you and me. Referencing USA Today's listing of baseball players' salaries, he states: "The average major leaguer may earn 75 times the average teacher's salary, but that isn't as sad as the fact that more Americans know who Sanjaya is than who is running for president. Clearly, teachers aren't earning their salaries." Sure, he is trying to make cute references to pop culture, much like the way his Page 2 counterpart Bill Simmons does. The difference, Bill Simmons is entertaining.
So, David Schoenfield, if you are going to call out my profession for failure to teach our students, let me, then, call you out for poor writing. Your ideas are trite; your references to pop culture are feeble--basically, you don't belong writing for the World Wide Leader of Sports.


At 10:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many baseball players can name who's running for president? Maybe coaches aren't earning their salaries.


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