Thursday, July 05, 2007

Losing My Faculties

I decided to abandon my reading of The Book of Buechner, the biography of my most favorite author Frederick Buechner. I discovered two things. One, reading about your favorite author is much less interesting than reading his work. Two, my teaching soul was still wandering around without direction and I needed to capture it.
Responding to that inner restlessness, I went to Borders (usually I go to Barnes and Noble) to find a book about teaching. Not education, but teaching. I picked up Erin Gruwell's best seller, Freedom Writers, but I'm tired of the "save a student" texts. I am glad that Gruwell had such and impact in her four years of teaching, but her experience does not reflect the path the I want to take. Gruwell student taught in 1994 and moved out of the classroom in 1998. That's how long I've been teaching as well. I want to keep teaching.
Then I came across Brendan Halpin's Losing My Faculties. This book promises to take me through the daily grind of teaching. After the year I had, and my current apathetic feeling towards this daily grind I've chosen, I need to know I am not alone.
So, I will walk you all through this book as I read through it. Later today, I will examine part one of the text.


At 7:44 AM , Blogger Jenna said...

I read this book a couple of years ago, while teaching in NYC. It was a huge help to read about his experiences while getting my toes wet.

Plus, it has some pretty funny scenes... a giggle is always good after a day of wondering what the hell you are doing.


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